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When seeking out the right Trainer- EVOLVE believes the level of communication between athlete and coach to be of the utmost importance. The foundation of dialogue between athlete and Trainer should be fluid and complimentary. EVOLVE Coaches’ knowledge and ability to deliver information in a way the athlete can understand is also an important variable when choosing the right trainer.
Are you the type who likes having someone there for support? Do you excel with tough love? No matter your personality type and learning style you should find a coach that motivates and inspires you to perform at your optimum level.
EVOLVE offers highly qualified Athletic Training for all ages and skill levels.  EVOLVE uniquely designs training programs to fit your ABILITY while still pushing you to your LIMITS.  Private or group instruction is available.
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EVOLVE has been transforming athletes since 2003. CEO and Founder – Megan Williams – inspires the athletic ability and talent of today’s youth. She strives to create training programs designed to EVOLVE the intellectual, physical and emotional ability of each athlete.
EVOLVE will customize each training session to optimize YOUR results in a FUN learning environment. Each lesson is based on your NEEDS, your LEVEL and your GOALS. EVOLVE will create a dynamic plan to help you achieve your fitness DREAMS.

Meet the Team

These are the Dreamers. The Magic Makers.

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Coach Megan Williams 

Megan found her love of Volleyball at the age of 8. That passion evolved through middle, high school and club competition molding her into a Setter by position and Team Captain by title. She went on to travel on four occasions for the State qualifying competition and finally entered the Oregon State Championship arena in 2003 where her team ranked 7th at the 4A Competition. Megan was recognized for several athletic accomplishments in school including being chosen as a Volleyball representative for the Athletic Advisory Counsel by the Head Volleyball Coach and honored at the Breakfast of Champions event as a Sophomore,  Gatorade Will to Win award recipient as a Junior and Squad Leader for ATHENA program as a Senior .

After 10 years away from competition, Megan walked on to the Glendale Community College Volleyball team in 2013, earning the starting Setters position her Freshman year. In 2014 She transferring to Pasadena City College, where she ran a 5-1 offense for the Lady Lancers and was ranked second highest setter in her conference that season.

Williams found competing on a swim team to be extremely rewarding after she joined a club team at the age of 11. Through competition and training she evolved into a backstroke extraordinaire. At the age of 13, she went on to rank 8th in the State of Oregon at the 4A Championship meet. She continued to compete on club and high school teams, contributing to many team accomplishments as one of the top leading scorers for the women's program, consistently breaking personal records all four years while competing on the Varsity Squad. Megan's hard work and dedication earned her an opportunity to compete on relay teams at the State Championship as a Junior. She was awarded honorable mention in the 200 medley and 200 freestyle relay her Senior year upon retiring from competition.
At the age of 16, Megan became certified in CPR and First Aid while completing Lifeguard training courses for North Clackamas Aquatic Park in her hometown of Portland, Oregon. She quickly realized she had a desire to change lives through her experiences saving eight people from the water that summer.  Immediately following graduation from high school she began coaching on a voluntary basis for a few local club and high school programs while gaining her license to practice Massage Therapy. While working in a sports rehabilitation clinic in 2006, Williams gained certification as a Chiropractic Assistant and Physical Therapy Aid. Finally, in 2008 she found a position coaching JV volleyball and assisting the Varsity program at Oregon Episcopal School in Portland, Oregon.  At that time she completed the NFHS coaching requirements and Concussion training so she could coach the JV swim team at Beaverton High School. In 2011 Coach Williams moved to Los Angeles, California and created EVOLVE so she could continue her passion for coaching as an Athletic Trainer.

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