Flintridge Sacred Heart Adacemy, CA 2011


TAKE CONTROL of your game!!!  Here at EVOLVE we offer Volleyball training for all ages and skill levels. Whether you prefer to train alone or in the company of friends, we have you covered.
Beginner courses are available for those seeking to explore the game.  These courses focus on ball control (passing and setting,) how to serve (under vs over-hand) and court awareness (rotations and player positions.)
Intermediate courses are offered for individual's who may be interested in playing competitively. These fundamental courses introduce basic transition patterns, techniques used for each position and a foundation for defensive "reading," and offensive "plays."
Advanced courses are designed for competitive athletes ready to execute positional skills with fluid fundamentals and precise form. This level of training is heavily focused on a high level of execution through intense repetitive training and/or game-like situations.


One-on-one instruction is offered for those looking to sharpen their VOLLEYBALL IQ. These hour long training courses will encompass a variety of information including;

  • ROTATION around the court
  • 6 PLAYER POSITIONS (Out-side, Middle & Right-Side - Hitters) (Setter, Libero & Defensive Specialist)  
  • SERVING -techniques / placement 
  • PASSING -platform positioning and angle to target
  • SETTING- footwork, hand placement and finish
  • APPROACH / ATTACK- footwork, transitions and varieties of arm swings
  • BLOCKING- Footwork, releases, spacing and timing
  • COURT AWARENESS - opponents movements,"seeing" the block and "reading" an attack on defense.

EVOLVE offers a collaborative approach to training, uniquely designed to challenge the individual's skills and inspire their ultimate abilities.  Each course is created to fit your ability and skill, while still pushing you to your LIMITS.

GoPro Sizzle Reel recording is available during training for an additional fee. Contact EVOLVE to upgrade your training experience by adding your video package today!

Starting setter and her Libero


EVOLVE is available to train your TEAM for your next practice! Need some extra "touches" before your next competition? Does your team need assistance finding chemistry on the court? Here at EVOLVE we offer 90 minute group training courses that strive to bring out the best in you. 
Coach Williams offers a tough yet MOTIVATIONAL learning environment heavily based on 'game like situations. Repetitive skills training which has been proven to build muscle memory and gain mental confidence is the foundation for training at EVOLVE. Training covers everything from;
  • Positional Training
  • Free Ball Plays
  • Ball Control
  • Serve Receive % rates
  • Defensive Success % rate
  • setter dump
  • tempo plays 
  • "Trouble" recovery off the block
  • finding the KILL during offensive attacks
  • tooling the block 
EVOLVE challenges students to perform at their TOP potential by offering constructive criticism and positive feedback so you can become your BEST competitor.
Club West Team Training
Looking for a little motivation? Hoping to shed some pounds or get into shape? EVOLVE offers Trainers who will be there with you, every step of the way!
Agility training is encouraged for athletes who actively compete in sports or those who want to maintain a level of total fitness. Many athletic professionals and coaches agree that cross training is the best form of conditioning to avoid injury and is often encouraged in athletes who compete in multiple sports.
EVOLVE X-TRAINING will incorporate a variety of physical challenges including;
  • dynamic stretches - pivot, lunge, high knees, grapevines, shuffling, frog leaps, inchworms etc. 
  • sprints / long distance running - timed, with short breaks between intervals.
  • interval training / stations - pushups, sit ups, burpies, squats, skiers, mountain climbers etc. 
  • plyometrics / Agility ladders - lateral and forward jumping, fast footwork, hand-eye coordination.  

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