Dive into the fun! EVOLVE offers a variety of classes designed to help beginner and trained swimmers a-like. With hard work and dedication even the most inexperienced swimmers can gain an edge in the water. EVOLVE is determined to save lives by creating well-rounded and versatile swimmers, ready to take on any CHALLENGE. 

GoPro Video is available for an additional fee so be sure to add this service to your next lesson. Parents often regret not capturing athlete's progress for future memorabilia.

Water Safety (infant exploration)

In this introductory course, you are the foundation for your child's SUCCESS. These courses focus heavily on the basics of water safety while still providing a fun and interactive environment for students to learn. Toys, songs and other tools may be used to encourage children to perform. SING-A-LONG with your little one as they learn how to do a variety of skills including:

  • blowing bubbles
  • crawling along the wall to an exit
  • climbing out of the pool to safety
  • hopping their way around the steps
  • floating on back and stomach 
  • kicking on back and stomach
  • arm strokes on stomach

Private Instruction

Join in the fun with One-on-One!!!!  Training is offered in 20, 30 or 45 minute increments. Each class will increase in the level of difficulty as the swimmer conquers each skill. Some of the skills covered include;

  • Water Safety Skills - floating and treading
  • Entry / Exit Strategies - bouncing up and down, crawling along the wall and climbing out of pool
  • Breathing techniques - holding breath vs blowing bubbles
  • Stroke form- Crawl or Freestyle, Backstroke, Butterfly, and Breaststroke  
  • Kicking technique - flutter kick on back (backstroke) and stomach (Freestyle), Butterfly, and Breaststroke 
  • Advanced Skills - skulling, forward and back facing flip turns as well as diving.


Do you need a Lifeguard for your upcoming private event? EVOLVE offers lifeguards who are CPR and FIRST AID Certified. Our certified Lifeguard's are equipped with whistle, rescue tube and first aid kit. Evolve offers a 1 guard / 10 swimmer surveillance ratio for the most optimal coverage. Contact EVOLVE today to secure your Lifeguards for your upcoming event!