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Take control of your game!!!  Here at EVOLVE we offer athletic training, specialized in volleyball, for all ages and skill levels. Whether you prefer to train alone or with your team-mates, we have you covered. EVOLVE offers a collaborative approach to training, uniquely designed to challenge the individual's skills and inspire their ultimate abilities.  Each course is created to fit the athlete's ability and skill, while still pushing them to their limits.

GoPro Video recording is available for an additional fee. It's never too late to start collecting material for future college recruitment. 

Exclusive or Duet Training

1 x 1  and partnered play is offered for those looking to sharpen their VOLLEYBALL IQ's. These hour long sessions will encompass a variety of information such as;

  • ROTATIONS - moving around the court
  • TRANSITION PATTERNS - based on player position 
  • court awareness (rotations and player positions)
  • SERVING -styles / placement 
  • PASSING -platform positioning and angle to target
  • READING - defensive position for rotation or perimeter 
  • SETTING- footwork, hand placement and follow through
  • APPROACH / ATTACK- footwork, transitions and swing styles
  • OFFENSIVE PLAYS - setter and hitter connection
  • BLOCKING- Footwork, transitions, spacing and timing 
Starting setter and her Libero

Team Clinics


EVOLVE now offers a 90 minute Team Clinic. These clinics are uniquely designed to meet your team goals. Does your team need extra reps before the next competition? Perhaps your team lacks chemistry on the court?  The foundation of this clinic is based around effective team talk and individual player accountability. This group training is geared towards promoting muscle memory through strenuous repetitive training often executed through game like situations.

Club West Team Training
Looking for a little motivation? Hoping to shed some pounds or get into shape? EVOLVE offers Trainers who will be there with you, every step of the way!
Agility training is encouraged for athletes who actively compete in sports or those who want to maintain a level of total fitness. Many athletic professionals and coaches agree that cross training is the best form of conditioning to avoid injury and is often encouraged in athletes who compete in multiple sports.
X-TRAINING will incorporate a variety of physical challenges including;
  • dynamic stretches - pivot, lunge, high knees, grapevines, shuffling, frog leaps, inchworms etc. 
  • sprints / long distance running - timed, with short breaks between intervals.
  • interval training / stations - pushups, sit ups, burpies, squats, skiers, mountain climbers etc. 
  • plyometrics / Agility ladders - lateral and forward jumping, fast footwork, hand-eye coordination.