Swim Training

Dive into the fun! EVOLVE offers a variety of classes designed to help beginner and trained swimmers a-like. Parents are ASKED to join their child in the fun for the Water Exploration Safety course.
With hard work and dedication even the most inexperienced swimmer can gain an edge in the water. EVOLVE is determined to changing lives by creating well-rounded and versatile swimmers, ready to take on any CHALLENGE. 

Private Instruction

Join in the fun with One-on-One!!!! Each class will EVOLVE in difficulty as the swimmer conquers each skill. These classes will cover everything from;

  • Water safety skills - Floating and Treading
  • Entry and Exit Strategies - bouncing on the bottom of pool, maneuvering to an exit and climbing out of pool
  • Breathing techniques - Holding breath, rolling over and blowing bubbles
  • Stroke form- Forward (freestyle) and backward (backstroke) arm circles
  • Kicking technique - flutter kick on back (backstroke) and stomach (Freestyle)
  • Intermediate Swimming Skills- Butterfly and Breaststroke arm stroke and kicking techniques
  • Advanced Swimming Skills - upper body "skulling," forward and back facing flip turns as well as front and back dives.
  • Speed and Conditioning training - maintenance as well as competitive swim programming
  • Aqua (Rehab) Therapy - Promote range of motion, reduce pain and decrease swelling.

GoPro Video Sizzle is available for purchase for those looking to build a College portfolio.

Water Exploration Safety

SING-A- LONG to your child's SUCCESS in this Parent / Child class. This is where you are the support and lifeline for your child so they can gain the confidence they need. You will help teach them to blow bubbles, float in the comfort of your arms as well as assist them in practicing kicking and paddling through the water.
These courses are designed to focus heavily on the fundamentals of water safety strategies while still providing a fun and interactive environment. Toys, sing-a-longs and other instruments are used to encourage children to perform tasks and distracting them from discomfort in order to overcome those fears while feeling safe in the water.


Do you need a Lifeguard for your upcoming private pool party? EVOLVE offers lifeguards who are CPR and FIRST AID Certified. Our certified Lifeguards are equipped with whistle, Rescue tube and First Aid Kit for your event.
The number of guards is determined by the number of guests in attendance. So please Contact EVOLVE today to secure your Lifeguards for your upcoming event! A registration fee is required at time of booking.

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